We know that Israel will thrive only with a strong moral fabric that draws from the best of the long Jewish tradition of rigorous, open-ended debate.


Harnessing the culture of dispute of the beit midrash and the accumulated wisdom of the Jewish textual tradition, we impact Israeli society by working with groups of decision makers who foster relationships of respect and affection for one another, even alongside substantive disagreements – during the learning process and beyond.


We invite leaders and key players from various sectors of Israel to enter our beit midrash and engage in vibrant, spirited discussion that transforms them personally and professionally, helping them sharpen their understanding of the values that inform their decisions and actions.

The Fellows program

Kolot’s flagship program works with a heterogeneous group of changemakers – whether from the private sector, the public sector, or social activists.

Political leadership

Because municipal leadership wields such tremendous influence on the ground in Israel, Kolot works with groups of mayors, heads of elected and professional municipal leadership.

Welfare and education

Research indicates that our work with professionals and policy makers in the areas of welfare and education yields powerful results in the field.


We provide ongoing courses and offerings to our network of over 3000 alumni, thus nourishing their thirst for continued study that impacts their actions while strengthening their ongoing ties to Kolot and other alumni.

WHAT: Our core impact

We create waves of change in Israeli society and beyond:

Individual Voice

Individual Voice: Kolot facilitators mentor leaders and change-agents on a personal basis.

Organizational Voice

Organizational Voice: This track offers organizations and communities an opportunity to work with Kolot facilitators to enhance teamwork, meet social challenges, and confront ethical dilemmas.

Network Voice

Network Voice: This track brings together leaders and change agents who hail from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. After a rigorous selection process, participants join to explore shared challenges in their respective professional ecosystems, creating a network of mutually-supportive peers.

We put Jewish sources in action

Our diverse programs criss-cross to create networks of alumni whose shared commitments allow them to join to catalyze social change.

Ongoing Torah study opportunities for our alumni offer continued connection and inspiration that allow for even greater social impact.

Our customized curricula allow Jewish sources, whether ancient or contemporary, to address the urgent challenges of the day.